Public Works / Projects



Full Depth Repair

Since 1985, the Delhi Township Public Works Department has leveraged $7,025,846.60 from Delhi Township’s funding to perform $18,881,472.50 in construction and engineering projects.

62.79% of all money spent since 1985 to engineer and fix roads and drainage facilities has come from “outside funding sources”. This means we have more than doubled your tax dollars!

The total replacement value of the Delhi Township road network is greater than $53 million, which easily makes it the Township’s most expensive asset.

Outside sources of funding for all projects listed are:

• Federal Community Development Block Grants
• Federal Transportation Enhancement Grants
• Federal Emergency Management Grants
• State of Ohio Capital Improvement Grants
• State of Ohio Natural Resource Grants
• Metropolitan Sewer District Funds and Project Reimbersements
• Cincinnati Water Works Project Reimbersements
• Various Hamilton County Commissioners and Engineers Funds

2016 Infrastructure Projects

Street Rehabilitation & Sidewalk Repair:

Hickory View Drive
Hickory Tree Circle
Winners Circle
Kitty Lane
Fairdale Court
Redstar Court
Eaglepoint Court
Felicia Drive
Feist Manor Drive
Gertrude Rose
Christopher Lane
Woodshire Drive
Erindale Drive
Scotland Drive
Woodlake Drive
Blenheim Drive
Allenford Court
Welland  Drive
Anna Jo Court
Senior Center Parking Lot

Delhi Park complete paving project


2015 Infrastructure Projects

Street Rehabilitation & Sidewalk Repair:

Jonas Drive – Gander Drive to Foley Road
Gander Drive – End (W) to End (E)
Starling Court – Gander Drive to End (N)
Delhi Park Drive – Sidewalk only
Viscount Drive – Delhi Pike to End (N)
Starcrest Drive – Sunaire Drive to End (E)
Sunland Drive – End (S) to End (N)
Courier Court – End (W) to Viscount Drive
Coachman Court – Viscount Drive to End (E)

Police and Administration Parking Lots

2014 Infrastructure Projects

Street Rehabilitation & Sidewalk Repair:

Pineknot – Cleves Warsaw to End (SE)
Delight – Pineknot Drive to End (S)
Cookie – Pineknot Drive to End (E)
Balmoral – Cleves Warsaw Pike to End (S)
Gleneagle – Balmoral Drive to End (S)
Cassandra – Cleves Warsaw Pike to End (W)
Tahoe – Cleves Warsaw Pike to End (S)
Glenna – Cleves Warsaw Pike to Corp. Line
Willnet – Anderson Ferry to Corp. Line
Willnet – 40′ West of Covedale to E. Corp. Line
Beechmeadow – Cleves Warsaw Pike to Corp. Line
Covedale – Cleves Warsaw Pike to Corp. Line
Catwalk only- Lilibet to Anderson Ferry Road


2013 Infrastructure Projects

Street Rehabilitation & Sidewalk Repair:

Brookforest – Delhi Pike to Whitmore
Shaker – Brookforest to North Terminus
Kinsman – Whitmore to North Terminus
Oakwoodpark – Delhi Pike to East Terminus
Whitmore – Pavement change to Oakwood
Heritageoak – Oakwood Park to South Terminus
Redoak – Oakwood to South Terminus
Cedarpark – Rapid Run to High Cedar
Cedarbluff – East Terminus to West Terminus
Highcedar – West Terminus to Arborrun
Simon – Pontius to East Terminus
Springarden – Alamar to South Terminus
Montview – Foley to South Terminus


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