Studies & Plans

2017 Delhi Pike Bike Path Study

Funded by a grant, this study, which is a component of the Delhi Township “Plan the Pike” Strategic Redevelopment Plan; defines and assess the factors that contribute to the benefits should a 1.1 mile long asphalt multi-use trail be constructed from Mount Saint Joseph University at Neeb Road to the central business district at Anderson Ferry Road.  This study focuses on economic benefits and factors such as pollution reduction, crash reduction, health benefits, property valuation and construction and maintenance impacts.  At this time, the Township is still evaluating the results of the study and it has not made any decisions on whether or not move forward with any projects related to the study.

2018 Delhi Township Housing Study

This study, completed in 2018 is a complete overview of the housing stock found within the township.  Within the study, one will find the strengths, weaknesses and where there are gaps in the existing housing stock, all which will assist the township as we focus to provide various housing options for our current and future residents through development and redevelopment opportunities.

2020 Delhi Township Energy Plan

Funded by a grant, this study, completed in 2020 provides insight on how the community can make improvements to their homes and businesses in order to conserve energy, save money, and have their energy systems operate in a more efficient manner beyond the efforts provided by the township through the aggregation of electric and gas.