Plan Review

In accordance with the 2017 Ohio Fire Code, Section 104.2, before a building or addition to a building is constructed or erected, and/or before a building is altered or relocated, or building equipment is installed therein which would require a building permit, for any structures in Delhi Township, plans must be submitted, reviewed and approved prior to any work being performed.

The procedures for submitting plans to the Fire Department for review are as follows:

  • Contact the Delhi Township Department of Community Development at 513-922-2705 for instructions concerning zoning issues.
  • Contact the Hamilton County Building Department at 513-946-4550 or visit the Buildings and Inspections page to find information regarding the submission of plans for review. They will place a stamp on the plans and issue a routing slip. 
  • Bring one set of stamped plans with the routing slip to the Delhi Township Fire Headquarters.
  • There is a fee for all plan reviews and permits. All fees must be paid by cash, check or money order at the time of plan submission as outlined; no plans will be reviewed or issued approvals until all fees have been paid.

Plan Review Fee Schedule

The following fees shall be charged for the review of all commercial and Multi-family (4 Family or more) building plans and fire protections plan by the Delhi Township Fire Department.

Permit / ConstructionAssociated Fees
New Construction$0.03 per square foot with a minimum fee of $75, up to $250 maximum
Alterations$0.03 per square foot with a minimum fee of $75, up to $250 maximum
Sprinkler System$0.03 per square foot with a minimum fee of $75, up to $250 maximum
Alarm System$50 per system
Cooking Suppression$35 per system
Private Water Mains
$100 per line
Temporary Tents $50 per event, up to 3 tents on the same property

Questions & Concerns

For other information regarding additional permits or questions, please contact the Delhi Township Fire Department.