Memorial Tree and Memorial Bench Program

Memorial Tree Program

The Delhi Township Parks and Recreation Department has established a "Memorial Tree Program" whereby a tree can be planted in any of the Delhi Township Parks in the name of a Delhi Township resident.

Available Species

The types of trees being considered for the program are:

Tree species and location are determined by availability and design plans for the park. The donor may request an area of a park for the tree to be planted, however, the final decision will be made by the Parks and Recreation Department keeping in mind the type of tree and maintaining open area where appropriate.Tree Plaque

We will also consider a special request tree if available.

Memorial Tree Plaque

The Memorial Tree Plaque is located in the Glen Carder Lodge entryway. For every tree purchased, an individual leaf-shaped plate will be engraved and placed on a plaque. The engraving will consist of the name of the person, the date of the event, and the name of the donor.

Program Cost

The cost of a Memorial Tree is $250. This includes the memorial plaque, engraving, purchase, and planting of the tree. To order a memorial tree, please complete, print, and mail the order form, accompanied with your payment, to the address below. Please include valid contact information so we can keep you updated with the status of your order as trees are planted in bulk only once or twice per year.

For an additional cost of $100, a custom plaque can be placed at the memorial tree.

Memorial Bench Program

A Memorial Bench can be purchased for the amount of $750. Memorial benches will remain on grounds until they become so old that they become unsafe or unacceptable from an aesthetic standpoint. If a bench has to be removed, the donor will be informed. If the donor chooses to replace the bench, a replacement bench can be provided at the donation level that is stated in the most current memorial policy.

A Memorial Tree and Memorial Bench can be purchased together, with plaques, for $1000.

Application & Questions

For more information on the Memorial Tree and Bench Program, please contact the Parks and Recreation Department.

To order a memorial tree or bench, please complete the order form and return with payment to the park office.