Public Works

The Delhi Township Public Works Department maintains a street system consisting of more than 55 miles of roadway and worth more than $53,000,000. The Hamilton County Engineer rents a portion of the Delhi Township Public Works building and stations trucks and crew there for immediate response to County road-related problems in the Delhi area.

A 1,500 ton salt storage facility is located on-site which is shared by the Township and the County to provide outstanding winter snow removal service.

Important Source of Funding

An important source of income for the Delhi Township Public Works Department comes from the money you pay to the State of Ohio each year for your vehicle license plates. The Public Works Department receives $5 for each vehicle (cars, trucks, motorcycles, motor homes, trailers, etc.) registered to a Delhi Township resident.

Be sure to inform the Deputy Registrar that you are a Delhi Township resident. If your vehicle does not get registered to a Delhi Township address, other jurisdictions (usually the City of Cincinnati) will be enjoying the benefits of your tax dollars. So please make sure that the Registrar is aware that you live in Delhi Township so that we can continue to provide you with the services you deserve.

Reporting Issues

If you happen to notice an issue in the township which requires attention by the Public Works Department, please submit a request through our Request Tracker.

If you have sewer back up flooding please follow this link to Metropolitan Sewer District Sewer Backup Program.

Mission Statement

The employees of the Delhi Township Public Works Department are dedicated to maintaining the safety and integrity of the right-of-way infrastructure under the control of the Delhi Township Board of Trustees. This mission includes the repair, rehabilitation, restoration, reconstruction and maintenance of roadways, certain drainage structures and systems, right-of-way appurtenances and vegetation. The intent of this mission is for it to be accomplished in partnership with the community and for the benefit of the motoring and pedestrian public.

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