Bicycle Patrol

Bicycle Unit

The Bicycle Unit was started in 1998. The Unit consists of 8 patrol officers who are certified through the International Police Mountain Bike Association. Officers must attend a bicycle training course designed to train them on how to ride safely and comfortably in traffic, off-road, and under various conditions. Officers spend hours in skill development, riding in diverse traffic situations and practicing patrol tactics. They learn to ascend curbs and stairs, descend stairs, and perform emergency maneuvers designed to avoid crashes.


Mountain bicycles are one of the fastest growing trends in law enforcement today. Quiet, cost efficient, and amazingly effective, mountain bikes are able to bridge the gap between automobiles and foot patrol. Experience has shown that citizens are more likely to approach a bike patrol officer than even a neighborhood beat officer, optimizing community oriented or problem oriented policing efforts. Bicycles allow officers to patrol in areas that are not accessible by patrol vehicles and, in many cases, in areas a criminal is least likely to expect them. Bike patrol officers are often able to approach suspects virtually unnoticed, even in full uniform.


Mountain bikes have proven effective in a number of different environments. They are swift and agile in busy urban areas where traffic snarls and crowds delay motorized units. Bikes are also effective in less urban areas for park patrol, parking lots, residential patrol, business security, athletic or civic events, and specialized details such as, the Delhi Skirt Game. They can be operated on streets, sidewalks, alleys, trails, and in any areas that are difficult to access with motor vehicles.