Traffic Analysis

Traffic Responsibilities

Our department is called upon periodically to investigate potential problem areas with regards to speeding complaints, lack of or improperly placed traffic signs, and visual obstructions. Our agency provides a service to the community to look into these problem areas. Officers conduct speed surveys, complete scale diagrams, and look into concerns about visual obstructions.

Traffic Analysis Report

The Traffic Analysis is a report that contains information gathered from analyzing traffic patterns, automobile accidents, and requests from the citizens for extra patrol in certain parts of the Township. For example, if data on the report shows numerous auto accidents at Delhi and Glen Oaks, the Patrol Division will employ selective enforcement at that specific intersection in order to curtail the accidents.

Speed Monitoring

A Speed Monitoring Device is also placed at strategic locations throughout the Township to help keep motorists aware of the speed at which they are traveling.

Give Your Suggestion

If you have a location suggestion for traffic monitoring, please contact the Police Department.