Delhi Towne Square

Project Overview

Delhi Township purchased 14 acres of property on Delhi Pike in 2019. Known in the community as the former site of Remke Market, the land sits in the heart of Delhi and is the foundation of the Township’s Plan the Pike Redevelopment strategy. The 20-year plan, which commenced in 2015, is designed to connect our community, spur additional interest and development along the Pike and make Delhi an attractive place to live, play and raise a family.

Latest News

  • 1st half 2022 - Dedicated to validating the project budget and establishing timelines, ordering and securing construction materials, obtaining permits, and preparing the site for underground utilities.
  • October 2021 - The Groundbreaking Ceremony was held on October 27 to celebrate the upcoming start of construction.
  • October 2021 - Naming of the Delhi Mixed Use Project - The Board of Trustees announced at their meeting on October 13 that the new development will be named Delhi Towne Square.  Thanks to the residents who cast their votes in a recent poll.  It was also announced that the ceremonial groundbreaking will be on October 27.
  • September 2021 -  Progress was made with the execution of agreements, including Turner Construction, who was selected as the Construction Manager, and Delhi TS Apartments, LLC, who will oversee the construction and operation of the multi-family apartments.
  • August 2021 - Township officials executed a Memorandum of Understanding with NorthPointe Group to develop the mixed-use site. Read more about this milestone and what it means for the revitalization of our community. Also check out the report from the Business Courier: $60 million mixed-use development could reshape West Side community

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If you have questions, or would like to talk to an actual person, contact Skylor Miller at the Administration office.