Gas & Electric Aggregation


Delhi Approval

In response to voter approval in 2014, governmental energy aggregation programs were established for the citizens of Delhi Township as an alternative to the energy options that are available through Duke Energy.

Energy Aggregation

Aggregation is when a group of consumers join together to form a single, larger customer that buys energy for its members.  The Township has appointed Energy Alliances as the energy broker who is responsible for negotiating with the natural gas and electricity suppliers to lock in the best rates for our programs.


Residents who are under Duke Energy's default generation rate and are not enrolled in another supplier contract are eligible and will receive the opt-out letter to join during the open enrollment process.

Program Suppliers & Rates

Natural Gas Program Supplier - AEP Energy

  • Following a short break mid-year, the program was reinstated with an effective date of November 15 at a rate of $0.839 per ccf with AEP Energy.  This rate is locked in through the October 2024 billing.

Electric Program Supplier - Contract is in place with Energy Harbor

  • Since the expiration of the contract with Dynegy in December, 2022, the Township’s energy consultant was able to lock in a rate of $0.0651 per kWh with Energy Harbor for 24 months effective May 2023 through May 2025 billing.
  • Comparison to Duke’s default generation rate Based on Duke Energy’s auction process to set their generation supply rates ( learn more here ), Energy Alliances anticipates that Duke’s default generation rate will be around 9.5 cents per kWh effective June 2023.  A rate of 6.51 cents per kWh for the electric supply through the aggregation program would save the participant around 30% compared to Duke’s default supply rate.
  • April 13, 2023 Cincinnati Enquirer article on Duke Energy's electricity rate increase: Duke Energy: Why are electric bills so high? (
  • Enrollment - This is an automatic enrollment for eligible residents (those who are paying Duke's default generation rate), with the option to opt-out. Notification letters ( draft format ) will be mailed to eligible residents during the 2nd half of March.
  • The electric aggregation program will have no termination fees with participants able to leave at any time.

Contact / Enrollment Information

  • Contact information for the suppliers and our energy consultant can be found on the Delhi Township Community Aggregation page
  • As always, feel free to contact the Township Administration Office at 513-922-3111 with any questions or concerns.

Note to Residents

Our program suppliers distribute program information to eligible residents by mail only during open enrollment  - THEY DO NOT SOLICIT BY PHONE OR DOOR-TO-DOOR.  As more suppliers are offering their services in our area, they may contact you by mail, phone, or in person.  Be leery of other offers, as they  may not be affiliated with the governmental energy aggregation programs.  While door-to-door sales tactics can be obtrusive, they are not illegal with the required vendors licensing through the Police Department.  If you experience a pushy salesman at your door, get their name and contact information and ask to see their vendor’s license.  If they are unable to provide one, we recommend you report it to the Police Department.