Gas & Electric Aggregation


Delhi Approval

In response to voter approval in 2014, governmental energy aggregation programs were established for the citizens of Delhi Township as an alternative to the energy options that are available through Duke Energy.

Energy Aggregation

Aggregation is when a group of customers join together to form a single, larger customer that buys energy for its members. The citizens, who are members of an aggregation program, gain buying power to solicit the lowest price for the group's natural gas and/or electricity needs. The energy suppliers for Delhi's aggregation program are committed to helping their customers receive competitive pricing for their natural gas and electricity supply.

Eligible customers, who will receive an invitation to join by mail, will have the option to participate or opt out with no penalty. If you are interested in becoming a member, you are encouraged to contact the supplier directly.

Program Suppliers & Rates

Natural Gas Program Supplier - AEP Energy

  • Following a short break mid-year, the program was reinstated with an effective date of November 15 at a rate of $0.839 / ccf with AEP Energy.  This rate is locked in through October, 2024.  Eligible residents will recieve a notice from Duke Energy informing them of the automatic enrollment with option to opt out no later than October 13, 2022 (sample notice).
  • Residents who turned off their natural gas service during Summer months - It has been brought to our attention that residents who turned off their service during summer months did not recieve the opt-out notice because they did not have an active account with Duke at the time the list of eligible residents was established.  For those residents who did not receive a notice and would like to enroll, you can do so by contacting AEP Energy: 
    • You will need to know your 22-digit natural gas "Choice Service ID" number of which can be found on your Duke bill.
    • Online - at .  Enter your address to verify that you are in the community boundaries and then enter your Duke information. 
    • By phone - by calling the opt-in number, 888-659-3888.
    • if you have any concerns or issues trying to enroll, you can contact Energy Alliances at 513-794-5555 and they will help you through the process. 

Electricity Supplier  - Dynegy Energy

  • The current rate of $0.0529 per kiloWatts hour is locked in from June 2021 through December 2022.  A 100% renewable energy option rate is also available, that rate is locked in at $0.0543 per kiloWatts hour.
  • Electric Aggregation Not Renewing - After a thorough analysis of the market, the Community's energy consultant Energy Alliances was not able to find an alternative supplier who could beat Duke Energy Ohio's default generation rate of 6.38 cents per kWh before the program's expiration. In an effort to look out for the best interest of the Community and its residents, Energy Alliances' recommendation is to send accounts on the program back to Duke Energy Ohio's default generation rate at the expiration of the program in December.  They will continue to watch the market and plan to bring options to the Community if they see a favorable alternative.  The earliest the program would return is likely Spring of 2023.

Contact Information

Note to Residents

Our program suppliers distribute program information to eligible residents by mail only during their open enrollment process - THEY DO NOT SOLICIT BY PHONE OR DOOR-TO-DOOR.  As more suppliers are offering their services in our area, they may contact you by mail, phone, or in person.  Be leery of other offers, including other divisions within the companies that supply energy for our programs, as they are not affiliated with the governmental energy aggregation programs.  While door-to-door sales tactics can be obtrusive, they are not illegal with the required vendors licensing through the Police Department.  If you experience a pushy salesman at your door, get their name and contact information and ask to see their vendor’s license.  If they are unable to provide one, we recommend you report it to the Police Department.