Story Woods Park


Story Woods Park is a passive 40 acre park made possible by a joint venture between the Delhi Township Board of Trustees, the former Delhi Township Board of Park Commissioners, and the Board of Education of the Oak Hills Local School District.

Story Woods Park got its name after the Story family, which has a long, deep history in Delhi Township. A portion of the park rests on what used to be the original Story family farm.

Every aspect of the parks construction and nature trail design was performed to highlight the natural beauty, terrain, and plant life of the land it rests on. The playground adjacent to the nature trail was built using recycled materials funded through Recycling Grants. The playground was erected entirely with volunteers from the community.

Story Woods trails, totaling 2.03 miles, have proven to be the highlight of the park. Park patrons utilize the trails for fitness and leisure hikes while our school athletes use them to practice and train for cross country track meets.

Story Nature Trail Mapa

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