Delhi Floral Paradise Gardens

FPG SignDelhi Floral Paradise Gardens was opened in September, 2006. This outdoor area is designed to provide residents with a relaxing, colorful setting that pays tribute to the floral community that helped Delhi earn the nickname of “The Floral Paradise of Ohio”.

The Floral Paradise Gardens gardens consisting of a butterfly garden, an herb garden, a children’s garden, backyard garden themes, perennial of the year garden, rose garden, etc. Each of the gardens is linked together by a series of paths that also connect to an existing walking trail from the adjacent Delhi Park.

Stop by to enjoy the gardens & get great gardening ideas for your own home.

Floral Paradise Gardens is open to the public daily from dawn to dusk. For additional information, including the availability of a garden space or to volunteer in the ongoing upkeep of the Floral Paradise Gardens, please contact the Delhi Township Parks and Recreation Department at 513-451-3300.

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