Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport

Runway 9/27 Improvement Project

September 2021 Update (week of September 13)

  • Runway 9/27 is scheduled to reopen in October.  Contractors are on track to complete rehab work on the runway in a few weeks.  At that time, more normal air traffic patterns for arrival and departure corridors will return. 
  • However, a final phase of the project - before the runway can re-open - involves closing the airport's center north/south runway for work on the intersection with Runway 9/27.  This week, the center runway will close while the airport's westernmost runway - Runway 18R/36L - will reopen (it has been closed since March also).  It is likely, though, that Runway 18L/36R (the airport's easternmost runway) will handle most aircraft operations for the next few weeks. 
  • It is critical to note - increased activity over the next few weeks reflects temporary changes in support of the final phases of this project.  The runway closures for 2021 are nearly to an end! 
  • This overall project will continue into 2022, but no runways will be closed for extended periods of time.  Associated project work on taxiways may result in some impact to airfield utilization into next year, while the Airport expects any impacts to be minimal. 
  • Read more about the Airport's Runway 9/27 Improvement Project

Airport Presentation

Airport update, presented at the Board of Trustees March 31, 2021 meeting, can be found on the following links:

Noise Abatement 

Visit the Airport's Noise Abatement page to view near real-time flight tracking and to file a noise complaint.