Citizen Request Tracker Information

What is it?
Citizen Request Tracker (CRT) is a tool that can be used to communicate non-emergency requests with Delhi Township staff.  Please note that all requests received through this system after normal business hours will be addressed by Township staff next business day.

This system is user friendly and provides a more effective way to report an issue, receive confirmation, and follow the progress to resolution. You can review your request at any time by simply logging into the Citizen Request Tracker…it's that easy.

Why Do I need a Log-In?
A Log-In account will allow you to follow the progress of your request and engage with Township staff via email.  The first time using the Citizen Request Tracker, you will be prompted to enter a Username and Password to setup your account.  Once this account is created, you can use it for any and all future requests. 

Who gets my request?
The Citizen Request Tracker is designed to send each request to the appropriate Township staff to properly address your specific request. Each request submitted will be followed by a confirmation email verifying that your request has been submitted successfully and a Township staff member will respond accordingly.

Why do all of this?
The Citizen Request Tracker is an advanced system designed to assist Delhi Township staff to serve its citizens in a more professional, efficient, and timely manner. This system provides documentation of service requested or concern raised for easy accessibility. Please know that our goal is to serve the citizens of Delhi in the most effective manner possible.

Thank you for utilizing our Citizen Request Tracker!