I've heard quite a lot about carbon monoxide. Could I have this in my house and do I need a carbon monoxide detector?

There are many things that give off carbon monoxide. They include gas appliances such as furnaces, water heaters and stoves. Fuel burning space heaters and wood burning fireplaces can give off carbon monoxide. Even warming up your car or barbecuing in your garage can fill your house with carbon monoxide. The problem is that it is an odorless, colorless gas so until you begin to see symptoms, you don’t know it’s there. People experiencing carbon monoxide poisoning feel like they have a flu that came on suddenly. This also affects small pets and even plants.

Carbon monoxide detectors will sense excessive levels of the gas early and warn you to leave. If your family is having symptoms or your detector is sounding an alarm, call 911 and the fire department will respond. We can take readings and provide medical help. Sometimes we can shut off the source of the problem but you will need to call out a technician to check the appliance and make repairs. For more information on carbon monoxide and detectors visit our Carbon Monoxide Safety page or contact Delhi Township Fire Department at 513-922-2011.

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