Where does the Township derive its income?

Ohio townships mainly rely on property taxes for revenue.  Ohio townships and are not permitted to collect earnings tax like a municipality (city or village).  Ohio townships receive revenue from what is commonly referred to as 'inside millage' and 'outside millage'.  Inside millage is set by the State legislators and cannot be more than 10 mills and is not voted on by residents.  The inside millage is distributed to Delhi's general fund and the Road and Bridge fund.

In order to fund other operations, Delhi residents have approved 'outside millage' for fire and police services as well as parks and recreation.  Each of those levies is continuous.  Continuous levies are valid until repealed or replaced, however, they do not increase in revenue generated throughout the years either.  Most funds need additional levy support as costs increase with inflation and staffing needs.

Delhi Township also has revenue generated in various departments for fee for service items, rental and program income, emergency medical billing, and various state and federal revenue support.

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1. Where does the Township derive its income?
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