Borrow Recycling Containers to Make any Event Earth Friendly

Veronica Smith, Public Relations Intern,
Hamilton County Department of Environmental Services

Think of all the trash that piles up at the end of events. Whether it is concerts, festivals or community parades, trash seems to overflow and end up on the ground. However, many of these items can be recycled. Recycling helps eliminate some of the bulk that fills up the regular trash can. Any group planning an event in Hamilton County can borrow recycling containers at no cost.

The highly visible and portable containers are available for any event in Hamilton County. We provide the containers and plastic liners; event coordinators are responsible for collecting and recycling materials. In 2009, our containers were used for 107 events. This provided approximately 331,860 people with access to recycling.

Recyclable Items:

  • Plastic bottles and jugs (removable lids)
  • Glass bottles and jars (removable lids)
  • Aluminum, tin and steel cans

Once you have your containers, there are several measures to take to ensure that your program is as productive as possible. To prevent confusion and contamination of recyclable containers, place the recycling containers right beside trash cans. Make sure to provide both garbage and recycling containers at all major food areas and exits. It is also helpful to recruit volunteers to monitor the containers from time to time and remove items which do not belong.

To request your containers, contact the District at 946-7737 or e-mail Cher Mohring at For more information about recycling in your community and surrounding areas visit

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