Delhi Mixed Use Project

Delhi Township purchased 14 acres of property on Delhi Pike in 2019.  Official closing date was October 11, 2019.  This property was originally a Kmart and most recently a Remke Market, and the purchase also includes the current Dunkin Donuts property.  The site is commonly called the Remke site, although we are calling it the Delhi Mixed Use Project.

Last year we held public input sessions to consider and discuss ideas contained in the October 2019 conceptual drawings.  Jeffrey Stec facilitated those sessions and his company is called Citizens for Civic Renewal.  The input from these sessions is summarized below (Community Input Sessions Summary Phase One).

Through the first half of 2020 we embarked on understanding the public input, researching finance options and having a fitness/recreation center operated on the site.  As you can see on the concept drawings below labeled July 2020, the site has been reworked although much of the same thoughts/uses are on the site.

This year, a second round of public input sessions were held via Zoom on July 29th, August 3rd, August 4th and August 5th to engage with residents and stakeholders on the latest design contained in the July 2020 conceptual drawings.  The feedback from these sessions has been summarized and can be found below (Community Input Sessions Summary Phase Two).

If you were not able to participate in the recent Zoom sessions, the recording of the Monday, August 3rd session is below.  Understanding this is the actual unedited Zoom session that residents and stakeholders participated in so you can feel like you were there and listening as though you were on the Zoom meeting.

If you want to watch and listen to the meeting, we would love to get your feedback and input.  Submit any comments and suggestions to        If  you have questions, or would like to talk to an actual person, contact Jack Cameron at the Administration office at 513-922-3111.

2015 Plan the Pike
Conceptual Drawings October 2019
Conceptual Drawings July 2020
Community Input Sessions Summary Phase One
Community Input Sessions Summary Phase Two
August 3rd Session Recording



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