Delhi Township, Hamilton County, Ohio – COVID 19 status update

May 22, 2020

Re: Delhi Township, Hamilton County, Ohio – COVID 19 status update

Dear Residents and Business Owners,

Delhi Township continues to have all offices open for business.  Residents and customers are encouraged to connect virtually, or by email or phone, before making an in person visit to one of our buildings.  However, all buildings are accessible and have vestibules to keep our staff from having to personally interact in the same space.  Masks are not required to enter our buildings but are preferred.

The Police Station will continue to have the lobby locked or not accessible which includes the prescription drop box.  We apologize for the inconvenience but feel it is the best practice for our staff and public given the many surfaces to touch.

Delhi Park is beginning to open activities!!!  Below is a list of what things will be open and when.  Most importantly the restrooms will be open Saturday, May 23rd and will be accessible 10am to 8pm everyday or as weather dictates.  Park crews will be cleaning and sanitizing twice per day and a third time if the activity is busy for the day.

As we open things at the Park and elsewhere, I encourage you to continue being aware and respectful of State Department of Health guidelines and your fellow residents.  My own observation and the observation of others has been tremendous gratitude for the efforts and compassion our residents and businesses have shown during this very trying circumstances.

Delhi has truly done a great job getting through these difficult times.  I pass along a huge thank you from myself, our employees and especially our elected officials.  Let’s keep up the good work!  Thank you!

While we are opening things at Delhi Park, the status of future events is still unknown.  The State is allowing certain activities but is still limiting gatherings to 10 or less persons.  This would mean the concerts and summer activities are still ‘in limbo’ until there is more flexibility to have events.  Hopefully this will be possible before our summer is passed.  The Lodge and Community/Senior Center are still not allowed to be open.

Skate Park OPEN – Saturday, May 23rd 10am – 8pm
Field 4 OPEN – Saturday, May 23rd 10am – 8pm
Playground OPEN – Saturday, May 23rd 10am – 8pm
Floral Paradise Garden CLOSED
Story Woods OPEN – Saturday, May 23rd 10am – 8pm
TENNIS COURTS OPEN – Saturday, May 23rd 10am – 8pm
SKATE PARK OPEN – Saturday, May 23rd 10am – 8pm
BASEBALL FIELDS OPEN – Tuesday, May 26th Permit required – 451-3300
PLAYGROUNDS OPEN – Friday, June 12th
SHELTERS OPEN – Friday, June 26th first come, first served basis


We will get through this as a community and if you need to contact the Township you can use the following numbers:
General Administration:  922-3111
Community Development:  922-2705
Fire Department:  922-2011
Police Department:  922-0060
Parks Department:  451-3300
Public Works Department:  922-8609
Stay safe, stay vigilant.
Delhi Township
Jack Cameron
Township Administrator
The following links are being provided to assist you throughout this crisis:
Centers for Disease Control: Situation Summary for COVID 19
Ohio Department of Health: Questions about COVID-19 virus?
Hamilton County Public Health: Announcements: Coronavirus Information
World Health Organization: Coronavirus Disease Outbreak
National Institutes of Health: Health Information Coronavirus
Federal Emergency Management Agency: Coronavirus Disease 2019
Greater Ohio Policy Center:  COVID-19 Relief Programs
Small Business Administration: COVID-19 CARES Act Programs For Small Businesses
Ohio Develop Svcs Agency: Office of Small Business Relief:  Resources for Economic Support; Pay Check Protection Program: FAQs for Small Business




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