Development Services / Meeting Agenda / BZA

Tuesday, December 11, 2018, 6:00 p.m.
Delhi Township Administration, 934 Neeb Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45233

1) Open meeting.

2) Sunshine Law certification.

3) Minutes of November 13, 2018 meeting
a) If OK, pass a Resolution to approve but dispense with the reading

4) Hearing on case VA2018-16; 4835 Delhi Pike
a) Administer Oath
b) Zoning Inspector comments
c) Applicant’s presentation
d) Presentation by Opponents with opportunity to examine Applicant’s witnesses
e) Opportunity by Applicant to examine Opponent’s witnesses
f) Rebuttal by Opponent
g) Rebuttal by Applicant
h) General comments from the audience
i) Discussion by Board
j) Decision or continuation date

5) Old business.

6) New Business.

7) Close meeting.



Delhi Township