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Delhi Administration

The Delhi Township Department of Development Services was established, originally as the Delhi Township Zoning Department, in November, 1974 with the adoption of the Township Zoning Resolution. The Zoning Resolution divides the Township into several zone districts (each of which permit a variety of land uses) and contains the regulations for those uses. Most property improvements are subject to the zoning regulations.

With the establishment of the Department, and subsequent hiring of a full-time Zoning Administrator, Delhi Township became the first township in the State of Ohio to employ a full-time Zoning Administrator. Over the years the Department’s responsibilities have grown to include enforcement of the Township Nuisance Regulations, the administration of street light districts, subdivision review, and land use planning, in addition to enforcement of the Zoning Regulation.

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Mission Statement

The Delhi Township Department of Development Services seeks to protect the health, safety and welfare of Township residents, businesses and institutions through enforcement of the Township’s adopted land use plans, zoning regulations/procedures, nuisance regulations/procedures, and procedures for the creation and administration of public street light districts.

In fulfillment of this mission, employees of the Department of Development Services are committed to providing services with the utmost courtesy, respect, honesty and integrity.


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