Development Services / Property Nuisances

Definition of a Nuisance

A premises shall be considered in violation if any of the following exists:

  1. Accumulation of refuse/debris: being garbage, trash, filth, junk, scrap and other discarded materials, including a junk motor vehicle.
    1. As used in this section, “junk motor vehicle” means a motor vehicle that meets all of the following criteria:
      1. three years old, or older;
      2. apparently inoperable;
      3. extensively damaged, including, but not limited to, any of the following: missing wheels, tires, engine, or transmission.
    2. Excessive Vegetation: being any growth of grass, weeds or other vegetation (i.e. thistles, burdock, damson, ragweed, milkweed, poison ivy, poison oak, iron weed and all other noxious weeds and rank vegetation) to a height of twelve inches (12”) or more on a lot of one acre or less.
    3. Dangerous Structure: being a building, house or other structure so out of repair and dilapidated by way of want of repair, defective drainage, plumbing, lighting, ventilation or construction, infected with contagious diseases or the existence of an unsanitary condition likely to cause sickness among occupants of the structure, as to be declared insecure, unsafe or structurally defective by the Hamilton County Buildings Department, the Delhi Township Fire Department and/or unfit for human habitation by the Hamilton County Health Board.
 The above definitions were approved by the Delhi Township Board of Trustees at Resolution #2008-057 on May 28, 2008.
Delhi Township