Honor Flight Tri-State

April 18, 2017 all-day
Honor Flight Tri-State

The Honor Fight Tri-State has scheduled five flights in 2017.  The dates are: April 18, May 23, August 22, September 26 and October 24.

If you are a veteran sixty-five or older and have never been on an Honor Flight, you need to experience the journey. Everything is provided.  You will be assigned a guardian who will see to your needs on the flight.  This is FREE to veterans. Guardians will have to pay their way.  A guardian can be a family member but it cannot be your spouse.  Guardians can be up to 67 years old.

Priority seating is for those veterans from WWII on or before 1938-1939 and those terminally ill, but the Honor Flight is open to all veterans through the Vietnam War.

The Honor Flight Tri-State brochure and application can be found on the following links:


Delhi Township