What rules apply to residential fences?

Rear yards: Fences shall not exceed six feet (6′) in height and may be solid or open in nature.
Side yards: Fences shall not exceed four feet (4′) in height, and not less than fifty percent (50%) open.
Front yards: Fences shall be used for decorative or accent purposes only and shall not confine or enclose the fron tyard. Fences shall not exceed four feet (4′) in height, and not less than seventy-five percent (75%) open.  Please note that if your property is a corner lot, you have two front yards as any portion of your property along a street is considered a front yard.

Approved fence materials shall include stone, brick, wood, chain-link, aluminum, vinyl and iron. Synthetic products or other materials as approved by the Zoning Inspector may be used.

Fences shall be designed and installed with the most finished side out, away from the subject lot so the most finished side faces the adjacent lots and any right-of-way, or so that both sides are equally finished.

All fences shall be maintained in good repair, be structurally sound, and be attractively finished at all times.

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