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We offer many programs to residents and businesses in Delhi Township. Many of these programs focus on safety, both public and private, education and other points of interest. Below are some of the programs that the Delhi Township Fire Department offers. For more information call 513-922-2011 or e-mail us at

Community Risk Reduction 

Delhi Township Fire Department C.A.R.E.S.

Community Assistance, Resources and Education Services

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Delhi Township CERT is training that prepares you to help yourself, your family and your neighbors in the event of a large scale disaster. During a large scale incident, emergency service personnel may be overwhelmed and not be able to reach everyone right away. By getting CERT training, you will learn the skills to help save yourself, family and neighbor’s lives and property. You will be taught Disaster Preparedness, Disaster Fire Suppression, CPR, First Aid, Light Search and Rescue Operations, Disaster Psychology and Team Organization. In addition to the basic CERT Course, Delhi CERT provides follow up training and participates in drills to improve on the basic skills. The Delhi Fire Department provides us with training and guidance to improve our skills and to enable us to better serve ourselves and our neighbors in Delhi Township.

For more information:
Visit the Delhi CERT website Visit the Citizens Corps website


CPR Pro Classes Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) classes are now offered as a Blended Course. The course is taken on line after registration with the Fire Department at the cost of $40 per person and the practical is given at Fire Headquarters – 697 Neeb Rd. Upon completion of the online portion. The individual will call Fire Headquarters and speak to the Captain on shift to arrange a time to test out on the practical portion of the course. You will then receive a digital card via your email that you may print. This format enables individuals to take the course at their own speed and fits more smoothly into tight schedules. For more information about the CPR Pro Blended classes, please visit the American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI) website:

Car Seat Program

Safety Seat Inspection

If you have a child safety seat in your car, according to a study done by the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration, there is a 90% chance that it is installed incorrectly. To combat this escalating problem, the Delhi Township Fire Department, in conjunction with Children’s Hospital Medical Center and AAA, is now offering Child Safety Seat Inspections. Through these inspections, by-appointment only, a certified Child Safety Seat Technician will inspect your child safety seat for any problems. They will check it for recalls, show you how to properly install it, go over correct ranges of usage and other basic child seat safety topics. These inspections help to eliminate the chance that your child could be one of the over 130,000 children who suffer injuries in vehicle crashes each year. Remember, these are by-appointment only, so please call ahead of time and allow yourself at least an hour for the inspection.

Fire Explorers

Fire Explorers

The Delhi Township Fire Department Explorers Post is always taking applications for their program. The requirements are that you be at least 14 years of age, hold at least a “C” average, and have an interest in the Fire Services. In this program, members of the Fire Explorers Post will get a first-hand look at what it’s like to be a firefighter. They will learn some of the different fire fighting techniques, and gain pre-work experience in the Fire Services. The Delhi Township Fire Department offers something to our Fire Explorers Post that other area fire departments do not: the chance to ride along on fire and medical emergencies. In this program, Fire Explorers Post get an opportunity to see first-hand the stress that occurs on an emergency scene. This program has proven to be very popular with both members of the Delhi Township Fire Department as well as the members of the Fire Explorers Post.

The Fire Explorers program is a branch of the Boy Scouts of America. Please contact David Benken at 513-922-2011 for more information. Also visit for more information.

Fire Safety Inspections

Fire Extinguisher
Where do those exit signs go? Who makes sure sprinklers work? Where is the fire lane? Where do I put the fire extinguishers?

These and more are all questions that the Delhi Township Fire Department Fire Prevention Bureau can answer. The Fire Prevention Bureau works cooperatively with each and every business, school, nursing facility, restaurant, apartment complex and any other public place found inside Delhi Township to make sure all questions are thoroughly answered. Every one of the buildings in Delhi is inspected once and sometimes even twice a year to keep fire safety a number one priority. The businesses of Delhi Township work in conjunction with the Fire Prevention Bureau to ensure you, the customer, the student, the resident, or the visitor, is kept safe. For more information regarding fire inspections please contact the Delhi Township Fire Department at 513-922-2011.

Plans Review

In accordance with the 2017 Ohio Fire Code, Section 104.2, before a building or addition to a building is constructed or erected, and/or before a building is altered or relocated, or building equipment is installed therein which would require a building permit, for any structures in Delhi Township, plans must be submitted, reviewed and approved prior to any work being performed. The procedure for submitting plans to the fire department for review are as follows:

• Contact the Delhi Township Department of Developmental Services at 513-922-2705 for instructions concerning zoning issues. • Contact the Hamilton County Building Department at 513-946-4550 or at to find information regarding the submission of plans for review. They will place a stamp on the plans and issue a routing slip. • Bring one (1) set of stamped plans with the routing slip to the Delhi Township Fire Headquarters at 697 Neeb Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45233. • There is a fee for all plan reviews and permits. All fees MUST be paid by cash, check or money order at the time of plan submission as outlined above. NO PLANS WILL BE REVIEWED OR ISSUED APPROVALS UNTIL ALL FEES HAVE BEEN PAID.

Plan Review Fee Schedule The following fees shall be charged for the review of all commercial and Multi-family (4 Family or more) building plans and fire protections plan by the Delhi Township Fire Department.

New Construction
$0.03 per ft2 with a minimum fee of $75, up to $250.00 Maximum
$0.03 per ft2 with a minimum fee of $75, up to $250.00 Maximum
Sprinkler System
$0.03 per ft2 with a minimum fee of $75, up to $250.00 Maximum
Alarm System
$50 per system
Cooking Suppression
$35 per system
Private Water Mains – $100 per line

For other information regarding additional permits or questions, please contact the Delhi Township Fire Department.

Fire Safety Open House

Fire Prevention Week

In honor of National Fire Prevention Month, the Delhi Township Fire Department hosts an Open House to kick off the nationally recognized week. The 2018 Open House will be held on Sunday, October 21 at the Fire Headquarter located at 697 Neeb Road from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm.   Bring your family to participate in fire safety activities and programs.  More information to come!

Fire Safety Presentations

Field Trips Field Trips Field Trips

The Delhi Township Fire Department is glad to host field trips from local schools and daycare facilities to help educate children of all ages about the importance of fire safety. CO Harrison Kindergartners visit the Delhi Township Fire Department on their annual spring tour. The visitors learn how firefighters spend their day and night while on duty. Firefighters show the children their fire gear and explain how they must dress for safety when fighting fires. The students had a great time interacting with the firefighters while squirting a fire hose. Then the tour got down to some serious business as students learned life-saving procedures in the Fire Safety House. The “house” is on loan to us from Miami Township Fire Department. The Fire Safety House is an effective tool in teaching children kitchen safety, exit drills in the home and other home safety tactics, precautions and proper safety procedures in the event of a fire. The Fire Safety House is mobile travel trailer that has been turned into a scaled down “kid-sized” functional house. Children locate potential fire hazards in a kitchen, living room, and bedroom. They practice simple methods of eliminating potentially dangerous situations. They feel a “hot” door and locate an emergency escape route. Finally, the children exit as the safety house fills with a nontoxic, water-based “smoke.” While visiting with us at Station 33 kids learn a few of the basic fire safety skills they might need in case of a fire in their home. Kids and parents watch a video on how to “Stop – Drop – and Roll,” learn to crawl under smoke, and several other important life safety tips. Kids and parents alike get to see us dress in full turn-out gear. This can be important because we can look fairly frightening to a small child, especially when they are already scared by the situation at hand. All kids seem to have a great time exploring the fire trucks, and each received their own honorary fire helmet.

Safety Village

Safety Village is a two week, twenty hour program for children who will be entering kindergarten this fall. Using songs, crafts, role-playing, videos, special guests and a field trip, the children learn about safety in traffic, in the home, on the playground, in a bus, and around fire, water, poisons and strangers. You need not be an Oak Hills resident for your child to attend. The sessions run every two weeks starting June. They are at Dulles in June and Delshire in July. To register, visit the Oak Hills Community Education office at Oak Hills High School, or call 513-451-3595.

Safe Sitter Classes

Our world is a complicated place. Today’s babysitters need to know more than just the basics to keep themselves and the children in their care safe. That’s why Safe Sitter®, an up-to-date and well-rounded youth development program with a medical basis, teaches young teens life and safety skills to keep them safe now and in the future. It also equips them with the tools needed to stay home alone safely and with confidence.  Learn the skills it takes to be a babysitter.  Know what to do in an emergency.

Course Fee – $90 per student (non-refundable). Participants must have successfully completed fifth grade and not started ninth grade to be eligible for the class. Payment must be received at 697 Neeb Road WITH completed registration forms before registration will be confirmed. Unfortunately we do not take payment over the phone or online.  For further information please call 513-922-2011 Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm. For more information on the Safe Sitter Class program, please visit the Safe Sitter website. Click here for student registration.

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