Fire Department / Stations and Apparatus’

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Fire Station 30 - 6321 Rapid Run Road

Station 30 is located on Rapid Run Road on the campus of Oak Hills Rapid Run Middle School and Administration. The station was built in 2001 in collaboration with the Oak Hills School Administration and serves the western third of Delhi Township. This station is staffed with three personnel that provide fire, rescue and emergency medical services on a first run basis. This station plays a key role in providing a quick response and mitigation of emergencies to an area of the township that was once plagued with long response times due to its distance from the Neeb Road station. The population covered in this area is much less dense than the eastern area of Delhi Township. The station is manned and maintained by a Lieutenant and two EMS trained firefighters, of whom a minimum of one must be a paramedic. The company staffs both an Engine and Medic unit.

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Fire Station 36 - 388 Greenwell Avenue

Station 36 is located on Greenwell along the eastern edge of the Delhi Pike business district. This fire station was erected in 1956 and an addition with sleeping quarters was added in the 1980’s. It serves Delhi Township’s most populated district along the eastern border. This station handles over half of the emergency details in the township. It is manned and maintained by a Lieutenant and between two and four EMS trained firefighters. Optimally, at least two of the firefighters are certified paramedics. The company staffs both an Engine and Medic unit.

New Fire Station 36-440 Greenwell Avenue

The new Station 36  will be located  just two blocks north of the current station.  The new state of the art facility will house an Engine, Ambulance and Chase vehicle.  At nearly 11,600 square feet this new station will be able to accommodate up to seven fire personnel, as well as any fire apparatus in Delhi’s Fleet.  The facility will also house a Police substation.  This station is projected to be operational May 1, 2017.