Gas & Electric Aggregation


In response to voter approval in 2014, governmental energy aggregation programs were established for the citizens of Delhi Township as an alternative to the energy options that are available through Duke Energy and other suppliers.

What is Aggregation?

Aggregation is when a group of customers join together to form a single, larger customer that buys energy for its members. The citizens, who are members of an aggregation program, gain “buying power” to solicit the lowest price for the group’s natural gas and/or electricity needs. Delhi Township’s aggregation program energy suppliers are committed to helping our customers receive competitive pricing for their natural gas and electricity supply. All eligible residents were invited to join the township’s natural gas and electricity aggregation programs in 2014 when they were first launched.  If you were not included in the enrollment process in 2014 and are interested in becoming a member, you are encouraged to contact the suppliers to learn more about the current terms, rates, and eligibility requirements.

Supplier Contact Information

NATURAL GAS SUPPLIER – Constellation NewEnergy:  Current Locked-in Price w/ Flex Down Opportunity (November 2018 meter read cycle) rate capped at: $0.476/Ccf.  (December 2018 meter read cycle through May 2019 meter read cycle) rate capped at: $0.444/Ccf.

Contact the supplier for more details:  Phone: 855-877-0078 or click on the following link:

ELECTRICITY – Dynegy Energy Services:  Current pricing for electricity for the current term (January 2018 thru December 2020): 5.49¢/kWh or 5.59¢/kWh for the renewable energy program option.

Contact the supplier for more details:  Phone: 888-682-2170 or Email: .

NOTE TO RESIDENTS:  Constellation and Dynegy Energy Services distribute program information to eligible residents by mail only during their open enrollment process (THEY DO NOT SOLICIT BY PHONE OR DOOR-TO-DOOR).  As more suppliers are offering their services in our area, they may contact you by mail, phone or door-to-door.  Be leery of other offers, including other divisions within Constellation and Dynegy Energy Services, as they are not affiliated with the governmental energy aggregation programs.  While door-to-door sales tactics can be obtrusive, they are not illegal with the required vendors licensing through the Police Department.  If you experience a pushy salesman at your door, get their name and contact information and ask to see their vendor’s license.  If they are unable to provide one, we recommend that you contact the Police Department at 922-0060.

Update: January, 2018

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