Police Department / Auto Accident Report

Looking for an Auto Accident Report?

Posted: 12-6-2013

The Delhi Police Department submits auto accident reports, which occurred on public property, (private property accidents not included), to the Department of Ohio Public Safety (ODPS).  If you would like a copy of your accident report, click here.

Simply enter the date of the accident, your last name, and the text from image code indicated.  If you have trouble locating the accident report contact the Delhi Police Department at 513-922-0060, to retrieve a copy.  Delhi Police Department submits accident reports, to ODPS, within 10 days of the accident date.

Reports provided on this site are not official documents.  Changes may have been made to clarify the data prior to being entered.  If you wish to obtain an official report, sufficient for court proceedings, contact the Delhi Police department at 513-922-0060 in order to obtain an official copy.


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