Police Department / Divisions

Police Headquarters – 934 Neeb Road

Police Station

Office of the Chief

The Delhi Township Police Department is administered by the Office of the Chief. The Chief of Police has the overall responsibility to see that the mission of the Police Department is accomplished. The Chief is responsible for…

Assistant Chief

Assistant Police Chief Jeff Braun establishes operational priorities and directs the overall activities of the department.


Lieutenant Bill Murphy, Commander of the Patrol/Administration Division, is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operation of the uniform section of the Police Department. The Patrol Division is comprised of 23 sworn officers…

Investigation Division

Headed by Lt. Joe Macaluso, the Investigation Division is responsible for the investigation of any criminal activity that occurs in Delhi Township. The Division is…

Support Services

The Support Services Division is responsible for services that support the Police Department in its attempt to accomplish its mission. This Division is composed of civilian non-sworn staff and maintains…

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