Police / Office of the Chief

Office of the Chief

Chief HowarthThe Delhi Township Police Department is administered by the Office of the Chief. The Chief of Police has the overall responsibility to see that the mission of the Police Department is accomplished. The Chief is responsible for the attainment of new personnel, their training, and the direction under which they perform their duties. The Chief appoints all new officers under the authority of section 505.49 of the Ohio Revised Code.

The Chief is appointed by the Delhi Township Board of Trustees. The Chief reports to the Township Administrator, the Board of Trustees and ultimately to the citizens of Delhi Township. The present Chief of Police is Colonel James A. Howarth. If you have any comments, suggestions, concerns, or would like to discuss any other issues, you are encouraged to contact the Chief via email, telephone (513-922-0060), or in writing at the address listed below.

Delhi Township Police Department
934 Neeb Rd.
Cincinnati, OH  45233
Delhi Township