Police / Traffic Safety Unit

Traffic Safety Unit

The Traffic Safety Unit is tasked with addressing traffic complaints and investigating all serious or fatal auto accidents. The unit is comprised of 2 patrol officers and a supervisor who have received specialized training in the areas of traffic law enforcement and serious or fatal accident investigations. The Traffic Safety Unit  works to coordinate the efforts of the Delhi Township Police Department in making the roadways a safer place for everyone. This is accomplished through the use of a Traffic Speed Trailer, RADAR and LIDAR speed enforcement, OVI enforcement, participation in such programs as “Click It or Ticket”, and analysis of statistical data taken from auto accident reports. Patrol officers take approximately 700 auto accident reports each year. The supervisor of the Traffic Safety Unit analyzes these reports to determine if additional action must be taken to help reduce and even prevent additional crashes from happening in these locations.

The mission of the Traffic Division is to enhance traffic safety for all residents and visitors of Delhi Township through education, enforcement and investigation. The Traffic Division is tasked with accident prevention and investigation, accident reconstruction, impaired driver enforcement, and responding to citizen complaints. Citizens can submit a request for extra traffic enforcement reference traffic violations or in reference to illegally parked vehicles by following the links listed below.

Abandoned Vehicle / Parking Violation

Traffic Complaint

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