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Rumpke Recycling Bin Flyer
Hamilton County Recycling Container Loan Program

In 2006, Delhi Township began providing recycling services for its residents.

Items accepted for recycling include Glass Bottles and Jars (all colors), Metal Cans, Aluminum Cans, Steel Cans and Lids, Empty Aerosol Cans (with lids and tips removed), Plastic Bottles (empty, crush, reattach lid), Bottles and Jugs that have a small mouth and wider base (such as milk jugs, soda bottles, laundry detergent bottles, water bottles, shampoo bottles and contact solution bottles), Paper, Newspaper, Magazines, Cardboard, Mixed Office Paper and Envelopes, Paperboard (cereal boxes), Pizza Boxes (free of food debris and grease), Telephone Books and Catalogs, Cartons (food and beverage cartons such as milk, juice, soup, wine, broth and other cartons).

Recycling bins are located in the Senior Citizens / Community Center parking lot, 647 Neeb Road.   For your convenience all recycling bins are emptied on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays generally before noon.

Please do not stack recycling materials outside of recycling bins!!

Delhi Township also offers, to residents only, a Clean Up Delhi day. This annual event takes place in the spring and allows residents to safely discard of unwanted furniture, tires (no rims), televisions, appliances, etc. Clean Up Delhi day is a great way to get rid of all that unwanted stuff hiding around your house. Please check back for dates and times of the Clean Up Delhi day.

Delhi Township encourages you to take full advantage of the recycling opportunities we have to offer. With your help we can make a difference. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our recycling efforts, feel free to contact Dan Ryan by email or phone at 513-451-3300.

For more information on recycling in Hamilton County, please visit