Public Works / Township Maintained Roads

Roads receiving full snow and ice removal services from Delhi Township


Alcliff Lane
Allenford Court
Allenwood Court
Alomar Drive
Alvera Drive
Alvernoridge Drive
Alvernovalley Drive
Anders Court
Andrew Avenue
Andy Court
Angelnook Drive
Annajoe Court
Applecreek Court
Arborrun Drive
Assisi Lane
Assisiknoll Court
Assisiview Court
Ballantrae Court
Bandanna Drive
Basil Lane
Beechmeadow Drive
Betlin Court
Betty Lane
Blenheim Drive
Bob Drive
Bonaventure Court
Bonita Drive
Boutique Drive
Boyne Court
Bradford Court
Braemore Lane
Briarhill Drive
Brookforest Drive
Bross Court
Burhen Drive
Calverton Lane
Candleridge Drive
Candlestick Court
Cannas Drive
Carefree Court
Cassandra Court
Cassidy Court
Casual Court
Cedarbluff Court
Cedarpark Drive
Centerview Drive
Champdale Lane
Chantilly Drive
Chaparrel Court
Chapelacres Drive
Chapelhill Drive
Chapelview Drive
Charing Cross Court
Christopher Lane
Cimarron Trail
Cimarron Trail
Clarebluff Court
Clareknoll Court
Clareridge Court
Clarevalley Drive
Claymore Terrace
Cleander Drive
Cloverhill Terrace
Coachman Court
Conina Drive
Cookie Lane
Copperfield Lane
Countryridge Lane
Countryview Terrace
Courier Court
Cove Court
Covedale Avenue
Debonhill Court
Deephaven Drive
Delhill Drive
Delight Drive
Dellers Glen Drive
Delryan Drive
Dengail Drive
Don Lane
Donlar Avenue
Dresden Court
Dryhorse Court
Duebber Drive
Dundas Drive
Eaglepoint Court
Edfel Way
Elm Street
Erindale Drive
Fairdale Court
Fashion Avenue
Faysel Drive
Fehr Road
Feist Manor Drive
Felicia Drive
Fourson Drive
Foxcreek Lane
Francisridge Drive
Francisvalley Court
Francisview Drive
Gander Drive
Gardenlake Court
Genenbill Drive
Gertrude Rose
Gilcrest Drive
Giles Court
Gleneagle Court
Glenfield Court
Glenhaven Road
Glenna Drive
Glenoaks Drive
Glenroy Avenue
Glynn Court
Greenery Lane
Greenwell Road
Grossepoint Lane
Grossepointe Lane
Groton Court
Gwendolyn Ridge
Halidonhill Drive
Happy Drive
Heavenly Lane
Heritageoak Court
Hibernia Drive
Hickok Lane
Hickoryknoll Drive
Hickorylake Drive
Hickorytree Court
Hickoryview Drive
Hickorywood Court
Hiddenlake Drive
Highcedar Court
Hillbrook Drive
Hilliard Drive
Hollowview Lane
Ihle Road
Ivory Court
Ivyhill Drive
Jonas Drive
Judy Lane
Jupiter Drive
Juvene Way
Karnak Court
Kentford Court
Kincardine Drive
Kinsman Court
Kitty Lane
Klemme Drive
Lakeville Drive
Lariat Drive
Leath Road
Libbejo Drive
Lillibet Court
Linneman Drive
Lobob Court
Lullaby Court
Maple Drive
Mapleton Avenue
Marbill Lane
Mardon Place
Marge Place
Meadowood Court
Mentola Street
Milgin Drive
Mitchel Way
Montview Drive
Morrvue Drive
Muirwood Drive
Mystical Rose Lane
Narcissus Lane
North Bay Court
Oakwoodpark Drive
Orangelawn Terrace
Orchardview Lane
Ostenhill Court
Overhill Drive
Palisades Drive
Palmerston Drive
Palomino Drive
Parkmont Drive
Parktrace Court
Parktrail Lane
Pat Court
Patron Court
Pembina Drive
Penfield Lane
Picuda Court
Pinallas Court
Pinehill Lane
Pineknot Drive
Plover Lane
Plum Street
Plumridge Drive
Poinsetta Drive
Rawhide Trail
Redoak Drive
Redstar Court
Rentz Place
Revmal Lane
Riverama Drive
Riveroaks Court
Riverwatch Drive
Robben Lane
Romance Lane
Rydel Drive
Samoht Ridge
Sandover Court
Sapphire Lane
Sarah Joy Court
Schroer Avenue
Scotland Drive
Sebastian Court
Serben Drive
Serenade Drive
Shadylawn Terrace
Shaker Court
Silverspring Drive
Simon Drive
Skylark Drive
Solarama Court
South Delridge Drive
Springarden Court
Spyglass Drive
St.Dominic Drive
Starcrest Drive
Starling Court
Stillwater Drive
Stokeswood Court
Stonebridge Drive
Style Lane
Sultana Drive
Sunaire Terrace
Sundance Drive
Sunland Drive
Tahoe Terrace
Tammy Court
Teaberry Lane
Thunderhill Lane
Tilbury Court
Timberdale Court
Timberhill Court
Timbershadows Court
Timbervalley Court
Timely Terrace
Tony Court
Treeview Court
Trio Court
Troubador Court
Turtledove Drive
Valence Drive
Victory Drive
Victoryview Lane
Viewland Drive
Virgil Road
Viscount Drive
Welland Drive
Whitmore Drive
Wilderness Trail
Wilke Drive
Willnet Drive
Windrose Court
Winners Circle
Woodcreek Court
Woodhurst Drive
Woodlake Drive
Woodshire Drive
Woodvalley Lane
Woodyhill Drive
Yorkwood Lane


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