Support Our Local Restaurants

April 6, 2020 Update

On Sunday, March 15, 2020 Governor Mike DeWine issued an order to close all Ohio bars and restaurants. The closure applies only to dine-in situations, but it does not ban carry-out, drive-thru or delivery service. For carry-out orders, you can still enter the restaurant to place and receive your order.

As the community continues to adjust to the regulations put in place by the State of Ohio, please don’t forgot that we are very fortunate to have many wonderful restaurants in Delhi Township that are able to continue to provide you with delicious meals.

As of April 6, 2020, the following restaurants remain open for carry-out, drive-thru and/or delivery services.   Please note that this list is fluid and establishments have policies they must follow, so please call in advance or visit Grubhub, DoorDash, Uber Eats or Postmates for available delivery services.

The Farm 239 Anderson Ferry Road 922-7020
Chandler’s 6135 Cleves Warsaw Pike 941-0823
LaRosa’s 4289 Delhi Pike 347-1111
KFC 4920 Delhi Pike 922-2822
Pizza Hut 4964 Delhi Pike 922-4000
Kumo Asian Fusion 4990 Delhi Pike 922-0999
McDonald’s 5010 Delhi Pike 922-9407
Arby’s 5015 Delhi Pike 451-5565
Penn Station 5026 Delhi Pike 451-2820
Wild Mike’s 5043 Delhi Pike 451-9464
Dunkin Donuts 5055 Delhi Pike 429-3067
Taco Bell 5060 Delhi Pike 451-7576
Subway 5061 Delhi Pike 922-1781
Wendy’s 5066 Delhi Pike 898-3343
Domino’s Pizza 5083 Delhi Pike 451-8880
Burger King 5120 Delhi Pike 922-1880
Jet’s Pizza 5132 Delhi Pike 922-2000
Win-Wok 5132 Delhi Pike 922-3000
Skyline Chili 5137 Delhi Pike 451-7000
Chipotle 5201 Delhi Pike 347-0500
Frisch’s 5202 Delhi Pike 451-5920
Wishbone 5297 Delhi Pike 834-8607
White Castle 5301 Delhi Pike 451-3720
Delhi Pub 937 Devils Backbone 802-5347
Johnny’s Westside Bar & Grill 1278 Ebenezer Road 941-5646
Epic Nutrition 5325 Foley Road 429-5001
N.Y.P.D.Pizza 5329 Foley Road 347-6973
Maloney’s Bar & Grill 408 Greenwell Avenue 922-3156
Roadhouse 505 Pedretti Avenue 921-8006
LaRosa’s 5657 Rapid Run Road 347-1111
Subway 5659 Rapid Run Road 922-6333


Thank you and please continue to support all of our local businesses!

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